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 Dayton, Ohio's Aerial Media

About Me

Growing up in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, Paul Moody grew up with a unique appreciation for the city's skyline against a backdrop that only Ohio sunsets can produce. In creating The Moody Views, Paul's vision was to showcase aerial media of the greater Dayton area in order to promote the region and show "Dayton in it's best and brightest light." If you're outside the region and want to see what Dayton has to offer, or a local that wants to see the landscape from a new perspective, The Moody Views has what you're looking for.

Stunning views...

Enjoy some of the most brilliant and gorgeous views of Dayton Ohio that you've ever seen. Quite possibly the finest collection of downtown Dayton aerial photography ever.

...from locations only previously imagined...

Utilizing the latest in drone technology, we take on a journey to places you could only dream of until recently. Follow us on this adventure as we find the most photogenic spots in the area. Our collection starts downtown, but it's only a matter of time before we come to your neighborhood. a city and surrounding area on the rise.

Like most midwestern cities, Dayton has seen its share of challenging times. But our story doesn't end here, and our future has yet to be written. With over $1 billion being invested into downtown development projects from this year to next, we are all committed to rewriting the narrative of this city one building at a time. We love Dayton. Let us show you why.


2360 W Dorothy Ln
Moraine, Ohio 45439

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